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Escort Germany
City: Escort Berlin

Comtessa Jana
Phone: + 49 152 27983810

Domina class
Domina Jana is an experienced, highly competent and completely assessed dominant woman.

She practices nationwide with a focus on the city of Berlin.

Their reputation as Extremklinikerin wearing rightly, because the registered nurse goes on all sorts of white varieties. Their qualifications in this area allow her also "unusual" practices.

Even the original "black" BDSM is their profession - whether imaginative psychological torture, the exercise sadistic practices or the creative execution of special fantasies into exciting, evocative productions: Lady Jane is in the inclined guest in the best hands!

With all her rich experience with a flowing, not coincidentally their main clientele is predominantly constituted by those guests shaft which you are always angesichtig .... every encounter with Lady Jane is different, there is a continual, constantly growing increase lived-SM.

In all of this it is always a good listener, friendly in nature, open, extroverted, and always open to new things-in short: A TOP-mail address for any BDSM - Gourmet.

Interview with Lady Jana

Posted on 18 July 2012
The meeting with Lady Jana was in a delightful cafe a city in North Rhine Westphalia.
We knew ahead of time and in accordance with familiar framework we shared aus.Lady Jana is a very good listener, their views are just in terms of seriousness in dealing with their guests, exemplary - not trust, respect and cooperation are certainly correct empty phrases when spricht.Es it is very easy to open up to her - the impression of absolute understanding, interest and curiosity does not exactly relate to our everyday needs and all that we have in us, manifests itself in one's perception they regard with Nachdruck.Schon that I now Lady Jana in Domination - can welcome family portrait!
Jana, what profession are you followed before you changed the dominant trade?

I am a registered nurse, with Psychiatry - experience was, many years in this profession.

Is it true that one of your priorities in pursuit of your profession, the white area, so Games clinic represents?

This is true - of course I use my knowledge in here. I think, especially in this sensitive area should women know exactly what it does, especially if it happens more extreme.

Tagged extreme - where you arrange yourself here, how far do you go?

I run all I can answer what I - and I think my expertise allows me very extreme variations. And yes, you are allowed to fully describe myself as Extremstklinikerin.

Please explain your general preferences when you exercise your dominance. What do you like personally, what turns you on?

I love to create fear and I get on very well on it. Here are exceeded, it is authentic and of note is his. I see this in the face of my comparison, it really starts. I often forget this time, by the way ... and is the infamous red alarm clock with alarm function it's not sure when.

What practices you like perhaps best compared?

That fear producing, but not necessarily exclusively, in this context, can of course be converted into wonderful interrogations or respiratory reductions. Even spanking, like hard or trampling on more or less durable objects I like.
Then very happy TV educations and everything is one of them - so the fisting trimmed bitch, stretch out and his female determination.
I love to fuck men - even better, they are of me nicely trimmed, clear.

As you stand, but to the still quite new, one who has made little or no experience with a dominatrix, even more, to perhaps after a bad elsewhere trusts for the first time to a dominatrix?

Well, I'm not a monster :-)
Seriously, talk about needs and preferences before, is self-evident. I'm always on my opponent, my image and make myself until I have a feeling it comes about anything, so if keeping the guest desires and the possibility of real implementation there can, in my own fashion, and is ready to go ...

Describe your strengths are, what makes you especially from in nature? What a dominant type of woman are you?

I'm a sadist, if my opponent goes along, going to the extreme, not only as a dominatrix. I love the frivolous, voyeur and am open to many things.

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